Requirements for Availing Assistance Under IPR Assistance Program


1. For Patent / Utility Model / Industrial Design

  • Letter request addressed to Engr. Edgar I. Garcia, TAPI Director (format attached).

– Letter Request (format)

  • Duly accomplished Invention Disclosure Form (attached) – please make sure that Item No. 4 is well disclosed and second page is signed.

– Invention Disclosure Form

  • Preliminary Search Report (attached) – we encourage that applicants conduct preliminary search to check other similar/related patented technologies and differentiate their works from the cited similar technology in terms of advantage(s)/improvements made)

– Preliminary Search Report

  • Technical Report/Thesis (if available)
  • Pictures/Drawings/Sketches of the machine/device with labels of the parts (for machines/device/apparatus); process flow/diagram (for chemical/food products/processes); screenshots of GUI, programs flowchart, encryption, safety marks used, if any (for software)
  • Test Results (if available)
  • Valid government issued ID of the technology owner; if  IP policy/contract/agreement states that the technology owner or IPR owner is the school/agency/institute the owner , then present the ID of the head of school/agency/institute


Government fees and  professional fees of the Patent Agent to be assigned for the possible IP filing of the TAPI approved technology until the  IP application is granted/registered in the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL)

2. For Patent / Utility Model / Industrial Design filed Personally by the Inventor

  • Payment of filing fees only (for unfiled applications):

A copy of the final draft of specification and claim for filing at IPOPhil, request for patent/UM/ID application with necessary drawings.

  • Payment of filing fees only (for filed but unpaid applications):

One (1) set complete original of the patent/UM/ID application together with the specification and claims stamped received by the IPOPhil and the Statement of Account (SOA) as proof of filing of the application with the IPOPhil. The SOA should have been issued within two weeks.

  • Reimbursement of filing fees:
  1. Original Official Receipt (OR) from IPOPhil. within the month from the date of filing.
  2. A copy of the specifications/claims and drawings (when applicable) stamped received by IPOPhil.
  3. Copy of the other documents from IPOPhil.

3. For Copyright

  • Five (5) copies of the duly accomplished application form and Affidavit of Ownership (see attached) in legal size bond paper.

– Copyright Application Form_National Library

– Deed of Assignment (Note: Edit the text in blue and other parts as you see fit)

  • Deed of Assignment, if the copyright owner is different from the author(s) per existing IP policy.
  • Two (2) electronic copies in CDs or send to and one (1) printed copy of their works
  • Photocopy / Scanned copy of recent IDs of the authors or copyright owner.